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Always Moving Forward

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We are always moving forward, no matter how backwards something seems. If we started using letters instead of email, or home phones instead of cell phones, most people would think that we are going backwards.

Innovation and newness of something, doesn’t always indicate a forward movement. It could actually be a loop or just what needs to be, in order for everything else to be in its perfect place. We’ve been trained to think that the newest updated gadget, idea, etc. is moving us forward. However, no matter what we do or don’t do, time keeps us going forward.

More importantly, HOW we move forward, and what we are creating on a level of human connection with all of life, this is what our focus should be. How does it FEEEEEL?

Our feelings are the motivators, the conspirators to inspiration. Think about it. If something feels excruciatingly painful to your heart, we find a way to relieve that feeling. We’re looking for happiness, no matter what shape or form it’s in.

Happiness is found in our own backyard. Reflecting on our self, without blame or judgement, supporting one another without shame.

Moving forward together as one whole planet, together with the universe, no matter WHAT we do, but focus on HOW we move.

With love~Stacy

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