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Chasing Happiness

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Everyday, in some shape or form, we chase happiness or at least something that gives us hope for happiness.

We work for money to buy what we want and need to survive, and hope that we’ll have financial freedom and be able do whatever we want.

We weren’t taught about sustainable happiness.

A state of inner strength and flexibility, courage, and compassion.

Being happy isn’t…

The things you buy

The people who love you

The lifestyle you live

All the good and positive things in life

True happiness is…

The deep awareness of the realties of life. The highs and the lows, and the ability to maintain a stable mind. what you find in both the joy and the sorrow in life.

When you are able to experience the richness of life in its fullest form, and deeply rooted into the reality, that part of you that remains at peace brings an awareness of happiness that exists deep within.

It’s transcended from the darkest and the brightest parts of our soul.

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