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Those Who Speak

Are you someone who can’t engage in superficial conversation?

There’s so many people that tell me, they have such a hard time engaging in superficial conversations.

It’s unbearable, even excruciating for some.

As I sat in a restaurant, having lunch with my spouse, I overheard the chatter of the ladies at the next table, all dressed in their Sunday best, having friendly conversation.

It made me wonder, what is it about superficial conversations that really bother me?

I hear a bunch of facts that have no substance, a story without a plot.

Explaining the obvious details, with very little depth, richness, or anything I can connect to.

As I eavesdropped some more, I wished that I could enjoy a convo like that someday, talking about nothing in particular.

What would it take?

I began to notice myself in a pretend conversation with them, most of the topics were facts, just detailed facts.

It was a memory of the physical attributes of some thing.

At that moment, it hit me, the conversation was missing, substance, heart, soul, and emotions.

Meaningful conversation is felt and experienced. It touches our heart.

It brings us to life.

It engages your senses.

It releases time.

Time becomes timeless.

For those who live from their heads ( which is most of us, including me) naturally use the information from our external world, gathered by our perception of what IT looks like, sounds like, tastes like, feels like.

Having realized this new perspective brought some peace of mind.

I think I can practice speaking from my head, even though my true love is speaking and listening through my heart.

And just maybe, someday, I’ll be able to integrate the facts of the mind with the truths of the heart, in hopes it will help support the rise of human consciousness, peace and harmony on earth.

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