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Core Being

In historical times, we as a human race had lived in a hierarchical system. Not saying it was good or bad, but this one aspect has triggered a moment of realization.

The lowest , and in some cultures, even lower than the caste system, we’re those who killed living creatures as their profession, such as a fisherman.

In my influences mind, I had thought that this was because of the hard physical labor entailed, the long hours, and the odor that came along with it.

What I realized was that, in the heart of it all, they were were considered the lowest more due to the deeper implications of killing a living creature. Not honoring all of life.

There is a duality here that wants to be recognized. While a fisherman will help sustain life through the fish they catch, they also are killing to sustain that life.

In modern society, I feel we accept this as our survival. How else can we sustain ourselves?

What triggered me the most was how many of us have lost sight in the value of living beings.

Some cultures had a sacred ritual of gratitude for the animals they killed to sustain themselves. How do we express our gratitude for the food we have and all the hands that were a part of bringing that food to our communities?

These deeper questions stirred up feelings of frustration within me, a modern woman with an inner soul that long for this awakening within our society.

What can I do? I realized then, that who I am being from the core of my heart and soul, has more impact than I realize. Our unconscious core vibration reverberates throughout our day. It’s a domino effect.

We need to attune our vibration to the that which exists in all of life, the highest vibration for living in peace and harmony.

This is my prayer as I move through life.

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