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Going Home

I have abandoned my home, I am not safe.

I’m wandering alone, Looking for some place. Searching high and low, Armored with love in a shell, I cannot find a home to call my own.

I fear this homeless place, Will I be alone and cold, Nowhere do I belong , ashamed I hide my face.

As I scrub the pots,my daily chore, I recognize a thought that aches in my heart, and makes it drop to the floor. I lost my way home.

I have abandoned my own soul, all of these years. Couldn’t find safety, Drowned in so many tears.

I wandered away, following the voices outside of me.

I kept listening to what THEY say. Wandering further and further away.

I had abandoned my home.

How would I ever feel safe, protected from the evils of life ?

Drifting through the winds of change, No roots to hold me, Oh how my heart shivers, of how the future will be.

I know!

I will disguise myself as one of them. I will hide and numb, and follow, and be a good wife.

I floated through life mostly this way. Until one day, she came to me and without a word , I remembered I had a home.

I tried to follow her.

I got lost.

I couldn’t find her, where did she go?

Searching everywhere, I found her finally, Within my soul.

Her whispers and laughter seducing me back to her. My heart soared, reunited I asked her where did she go?

In her way, she laughed and smiled, I looked closer , I saw a soul so wild!

Could it really be?

She led me back to the place I began.

The home from where I had ran.

The home of the true heart and soul,

This place of remembrance of a life wild and whole.

I am home.

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