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I created this space to freely and vulnerably share the heart messages and expressions with you. The messages and photos here are free expressions from the voice of the heart. I’ve been seeking my purpose in life, to make an impact before I leave this form. I’ve been weaving and circling around, and in my heart felt this call to create this blog to connect with the hearts that seek truth, experience struggle, live in shadows and emerge in the light, those who love and continue to love, and those who are finding themselves.

This space is for our hearts to connect as one. To see you in me, and me in you. Together we become the change to evolve.

Who am I?

I am a soul seeking truth, love, and peace. I believe that every person has a unique purpose in life, and that you and I are here to serve each other. This is my way to thank you, by doing the work that you have contributed to by being on this planet with me, wherever you are. To share deeper truth that expands beyond time and space. To be vulnerable, to be open, to be safe, to free, to belong to your own heart.


I have a degree in Business, Post-Baccalaureate degree in Secondary Education, Certified Life Coach, and survived my life twice.

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