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Writing is the Embodiment of Your Soul

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As we write on these pages, the words pour out as we allow our hearts and minds to guide our hands and fingers across the page. These words, coming from nothing, but our own energetic communion with our body and the tool we use to write.

This is a sacred journey, as we write from the places that are hidden, those that want to be expressed, and somehow when we actually say them in words, it don’t sound quite right. Do you know this?

Once we begin to think about it with our own minds (our thoughts, fears, and filters), the words and the flow begins to stutter. It gets confusing, the flow begins to stifle my fingers and the words unclear. As we connect to the energy that wants to come out, our heart and soul of creativity, to create what it wants to create, a place of our love and seeking truth and peace for our fellow humans, our fellow tree, our earth and our sky, of those who cannot hear our messages and those who can, we write for all of them, the collective we call One.

So write your truth from your heart and soul, and allow your soul to be embodied in your writing, and collectively we will begin to create a movement, if we have not already, toward the deepest yearning of our souls, for love, peace, and harmony.

With love~

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