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Life of Creation Over Fear

We all have used our past experiences to make decisions for our future. I find myself having a tough time making decisions, and trying to figure out what I really want to do, and wondering if it’s all going to work, is it a wise investment of my time, energy and money?

There’s this tugging and pulling from my logic and from my desire.   What normally happens is that I’m in this indecisive stuck feeling, until something painful happens, and suddenly my body kicks in and says , “Ok, I decided that I’m going to ….” and it’s done. 

After a grueling battle, I find the tie breaker, in the truth, in my body.  There’s no back and forth, no hemming or hawing, it just IS, and no other doubts are allowed in. This is my journey to a place where I allow myself to listen to the inner whispers of wisdom, and follow the path of truth BEFORE I’m experiencing the pain and the suffering. I’ve finally got to a place of understanding.

We have a choice. A choice on how we want to make decisions, from fear or through creation.

Fear based decisions utilize the past experiences of our life, trying to avoid some pain, discomfort, or negative consequences.

Creation based decisions accesses the creative mind, the mind of the present and the vision of where we want to be.

This is the mind’s role, choosing through creation or fear.  How do we create a new shift?  We begin with creation, with intention, in honoring the body’s wisdom. It begins with our heart’s intention.

When we come to our hearts desire, in the deepest layers that bring pleasure and joy to ourselves, the deep meaning, the essential reason of our desire, this is clarity.  Clarity is the deep rooted presuppose of how e truly want to feel, the layers that run deep in our bones, that have been growing roots from our ancestral lineage o f humanity.

Second, we create and visualize what we want from the mind. Create the end result, I’m not referring to the decision itself, but the results of the decision. Imagine in your mind’s eye how your life could feel, how it could look like, sound like, taste like, and smell like? What value will that bring to you? to others?

Third, we notice what feels true in our bodies.  What feels expansive, or tingly, or exciting, or activating?  We feel it in our bones. We feel it in our gut. We feel it in our heart.  WE FEEL IT. It’s undeniable like a raging wave, your body has taken over.

When all three aspects are aligned, the heart, the mind, and the body, our decisions are able to be carried out with confidence, with determination, and with true heart.  This happens over time, we must honor the timing of all that needs to be aligned, and trust in all that we are experiencing.

This is how we manifest our truth into our reality of our lives through creation. ~with love

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