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Losing Yourself in Pleasure

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When we lose ourselves in pleasure, we must do so in balance with reality of life.

In our nature, as humans, we seek pleasure. Pleasure that can be timeless, insatiable, and keep up thirsty. Pleasure that becomes addictive, and then a social norm. Ice cream, chocolate, social media likes, to alcohol, gambling, parties, self growth, drug addiction, shopping addiction, attention addiction, etc., etc. This is our nature. This is reality.

Instead of judgment on oneself or others, shifting to an observant mind. Observing the nature of ourselves, and wondering where this natural tendency has derived from. What is it’s REAL objective? How has it’s seed been planted? What has nourished this thought into a behavior? and What is it’s deepest desire?

Shifting our conscious mind to become more aware and curious of this adventure of life, we’re able to discover new and interesting parts of our own being, and to transform those thoughts to opportunities for a fresh life!

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