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Milky Way Heartspace

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When I started this blog, I followed my intuition. I already have another blog going but felt inspired to create this one.

The website name came about out of nowhere. Well part of it, heartspace, was what I called my time I created for myself. The time where I journaled, not only my thoughts but the intuitive wisdom that poured foreword. The writing that is inspired by these whispers that I felt, and transmuted into words of insight and encouragement for myself. And I really wanted to share them with someone, and so I decided to start this blog.

As I started to create the domain name, something out of the blue inspired me to call it milkyway heartspace.

Today I understand. The milky-way, to the ancients was the divine source of nourishment from the divine mother. The milkyway is where we drink the wisdom to grow our spiritual being, to be healed.

This is my intention, to share the messages that come through me, so that we may all be nourished by the great nourishing milk of infinite wisdom and reality.

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