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As I end this year, and I reflect on the accomplishments, I’m feeling like a failure.

I put in so much effort, time, and money into programs to build a business that is heart centered, that is honest, that is transformational and empowering, so that we can evolve as humans, as co-creators of our society. As I dive into this feeling of failure, I feel as though I’m small again, this child that just couldn’t succeed.

So, now I ask myself, what does success look like to me? What does success mean? How do I even know when I am successful?

I reflected on those questions… and I didn’t really have any answers. Ha!! I guess that’s why I hadn’t felt successful.

Then I realized that I was hiding behind a belief. The belief that success meant I had more than enough money than I needed, and life was easy, and good. And I realized that this was a childhood definition. This was not a belief based on the reality of life.

What came to mind was to start to define wealth. Wealth to me was abundance of health, time, energy, and money. Rich meant, rich with love.

From this thought process, it came to me that success actually meant that I kept moving through the hardships, the challenges, the stressors, the frustrations, and the sadness. That I kept going no matter how tough things got, and I am still here. I am still living and breathing.

With this new profound meaning of success, I feel successful every day, every moment of my life. I choose to keep moving forward, despite the struggles. And today, I live another day. Because I have chosen life. This is Success!

Intent: I hope sharing my thoughts and experience will spark within you a light to explore more deeply the meanings of our beliefs, where they are from a past that no longer applies to our life, or if a new profundity is brewing.

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