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The Importance of Our Story

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I hear a lot about how we create our reality is through our story, and therefore, we can recreate our story. I’ve been contemplating on this, and curious how this is true for me. How would I recreate my life by changing my story without masking over truth?

As I was listening to an audiobook by Kate Northrup, Money: A Love Story, she said something that really struck a chord with me (which is normally how I feel truth, it’s gotta feel real in my body). She said that as she looked back at her money story, basically, she could say that she got her money story from her mom and dad, and how they didn’t really teach her about money. This is the part that really got to me, she went on to say that she chose not to tell that story because it did not feel freeing. YES! So this really got me thinking deeper into our stories.

Our story (which is to me, true to the core, because it is our reality and our experience) about our lives is soo important, and even more important, we need to TELL our story. There are 6 main areas that came to me:

  1. TELLING YOUR STORY. When we tell our stories, sharing and revealing how we feel, our perspective and how we see things, we are giving power to ourselves, our full experience of life, revealing how we saw things at that time in our life, especially can reveal patterns of how we see things.

  2. FEELING ALL THE EMOTIONS. As we tell our story, and allow emotions to rise and be seen, heard, felt, in other words freeing the emotions by feeling them. It’ll be very uncomfortable, since it’s like having a clenched fist for many years, and then trying to pry open your fingers. I recommend being very patient, nurturing, and move slow through this process, this is not a process of over and done! NEXT!

  3. BEING WITNESSED. In the telling of our story and allowing our emotions to rise, and being witnessed by others (which to me is the scariest part), it removes the hidden aspect of those emotions that we had stored away, hidden, or stuffed down. Being witnessed by those who are able to witness you, and accept you, and without giving you any feedback is key. Although we have a tendency to want to receive and give advice, as we move through this process in a neutral loving space, it allows us to hear our inner voices more clearly, and to realize that no one needs to be be fixed as we are not broken, and no advice is needed, as we have all the wisdom we need within us.

  4. EXPRESSING YOUR EMOTIONS. Sometimes our emotions and deepest feelings don’t have words, or when we speak them they just don’t come out feeling right. Expressing our emotions in other ways in exploratory movement or art. Move your body in curiosity, or paint or draw in observance of what comes forth, letting go of what it looks like. (Personally, I love Qoya and painting.)

  5. REFLECT. After giving myself time to move around the energy of those truths, I’m able to reflect more deeply and look at that the story, and see from a broader view, as if watching a movie of my whole life, how the situation and circumstances of this story helped me in my life. What value has it given me? What can I learn from it now? This is the growing and maturing stage, so it can be challenging, and here patience is key. Sometimes, it falls in the back of y mind, and suddenly I’ll hear a song or see something in a movie that will piece it together for me, and I feel that truth in my body!

  6. GRATITUDE. When we understand how we have evolved from our challenges in life, where we have come from, and to fully appreciate where we are because of our life lessons and experiences, we begin to understand how all the things that happened, happened in synchronicity FOR us to be able to mature and grow our soul. This allows us to forge a stronger connection to our own heart, our love for our life, and love for others, as we are all oneness.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears. ~ Rumi

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