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Chrysalis Phase

My body has been going through mid life changes. My arms are mushy and hang, my face has more lines, more softening that causes it to hang. My shoulders have taken it’s toll , and froze up on me.

As I contemplate this phase of my life, butterflies would pass by, as I drove, in the phone, walking in my yard, eating lunch… everywhere!

Ok, so I thought to myself, I’m going through a change and I’ll come out a graceful butterfly.

I’m still waiting…

When I woke up this Sunday morning, chrysalis popped in my mind. I realized that I’m in a phase of life changing events, and my desire to be stillness is somewhat like the chrysalis phase of a butterfly.

In stillness, my life and my body evolves. Do less, do less my heart whispers, and my fears and anxiety shouts no, keep going, you will lose everything you worked for.

As I write this now, I ask, “Will I really lose everything I worked so hard for?”

If I look in tue surface, the answer is yes, when I look deeper, I realize that the experiences that shape me are never lost. They can never be undone, inexperience, unexplored, they are embedded in the rhythms of my life.

Fear is of the material mind. In this life, staying aligned and grounded in what is true, what is constant, what is steady.

The constant, is eternal life, and it’s ever changing nature, building upon what was. Living what is.

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