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Embracing the Storm

The storm makes us whole.

I used to pray for everything to go right. I still catch myself in that pattern often.

Today, I caught myself again, reaching out to all known and unknown sources for everything to be ok, right now.

As soon as that thought came through, I felt a bit of shock, here is a way of thinking that wants to avoid the bumps in the road.

I paused, and realized with my whole being, that this thought has kept me small. I realized that no matter what I’m facing, sadness, anger, frustration or stress, that this storm within me, that I’ve been trying to avoid all my life, is actually a part that makes me whole.

The human existence gives me the experience of life itself, to see deeply into my own subconscious thoughts, and to polish them to see more clearly, how they help to shine light on a brighter me.

How the trials and tribulations of my life, make me balanced, as well as the joys of life, as they are one within each other, so they are one within me.

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