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Finding Peace Where You Are

Among the Evergreen she brings hope, renewal, and courage.

Peace isn’t a state where conflict, chaos, anger, or violence do not exist. It isn’t a state that’s agreeable, calm, happy, or tranquil.

Rather, peace may be an inner state of consciousness , a position of neutrality where one can observe oneself in all of the above.

Finding peace, a place of solace within, a place where I become intimate with my own presence and love in my heart.

The current stress and fears linger in darkness while aware of the emotions and thoughts that create the story of our life.

And diving deeper to explore where truth brings forward the euphoria of mind blowing realizations.

An insight that had layers dormant in the subconscious.

It’s hard.

It’s scary.

Yet the reward invaluable!

Finding peace where you are could take a mere breath, awareness, and acceptance of life as it is, knowing it will change, evolve, and moves in cycles.

Finding peace within, is like spending time in nature. Take it all in like a breath of fresh air.

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