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The Courage to Embrace our Gifts

In unison we synchronize our hearts, and through this alignment of true connection, we express our truth in our unique way by the gifts we have received, opened to, and embraced, and gave it life through our own.

Like me, you have a gift that was given to you, you know the one, the one that you keep doubting, second guessing, and sometimes just sweep it away in  fear of being wrong, not socially acceptable or in alignment with societal ways.  

The gift of intuitive power.

I felt, with my whole body, that I didn’t want to apply for this job, yet I let my ego manipulate and talk me into it.  A few days later, I had a fever, cough, headache so bad I could hardly get out of bed.

A week and a half later, congestion lingers in my chest, the seat of my heart, cold, tired, and drained.

My heart knows I went against my commitment to follow my heart, and it’s been a few years since I’ve had this type of congestion.  

This knowing without knowing, is the gift that has been given to me, and I continue to be fearful of the outside world, their reaction, how they will receive it, and succumb to the peer pressure that I’ve rebelled against as a teenager.

Today, instead of torturing myself over it, I chose to be kinder and more loving to myself, so that I can feel safe within me, and thus in the world. 

Today I’m telling myself in a kind nurturing voice, embrace your gifts, trust that these were meant for you, and all that has been and all that is has made its way to be the way it is.  This is truth, this is reality, not the fear that has not revealed itself.  Begin to trust more deeply the truth you feel in your heart, your body, your soul. 


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