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Beautiful Roots

As I sit here in the airport, I’m enjoying the beautiful Salt Lake City snow capped mountains. I’ve never been to Salt Lake City before, even just for a stop over flight.

As I take in the beauty of the scenery, looking for connection, deeper than meets the eye. I look down, and notice my feet, it has roots!

You know I’m in my meditations, I root from feet into mama earth, and there I see it.

The critic creeps in, and says, it was designed to be roots, it’s just a design. This always happens, the doubt and second guessing of what resonates with my creative genius (I hesitated to say genius out of fear).

But what resonates with our creative ageless soul must be acknowledged. It must be slurped up before it evaporates into the next moments. Beauty does not last, but meant to touch our hearts as reminder of what is within.

And so, to share the beauty that comes to me, I snapped a photo and created the colors that expresses how my heart feels at this serendipitous sight of my creative soul.

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