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Heartless Living

Heartless living has been my teacher.

I’ve the years I’ve been on the hamster wheel. Following a path that helps me to survive. The unaligned path of my soul and society.

I do all the right things, and try to say the right things, but am I really living a life in a way that I was meant to live?

Taking care of all the responsibilities of a wife, mom, daughter, friend, neighbor, employee, and citizen.

How does that align to my heart and soul?

In living this way for the first half of life, I’ve learned to see things from a different perspective, and found the door to my heart closed.

It feels as if there is nothing.

No sadness, no anger, no joy, nothing but blah!

I find this disconnect of the heart and the thoughts, related to the the disconnect of the body and the sensations.

I don’t want to walk this earth in this way.

I want to leave behind instead a life that resembles fresh new life, like a lushness forest, green with promise and hope for a more fulfilling life that impacts the evolution of life.

I start today. With a different intention, practicing to open my heart to the adventure of life, Following the feelings in my body to guide me on my aligned path.

I know this will not be easy, and full of criticism from those who follow the social majority.

I find that my “rebellious ways” are not rebellious in nature, it’s my own way of dancing through life. It just looks like it to those who see me through their own eyes and not as I truly am.

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